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SPACE ACADEMY SUPPLY CO. '1st Place in Outer Space'  SPACE ACADEMY SUPPLY CO. is an innovative lifestyle clothing company. Gathering intelligent minds together, we set forth from the outer realms of Space to uncover talent throughout the Universe, and Inspire Creativity through Imagination.  The SPACE ACADEMY SUPPLY CO. brand is a fashion forward space-themed integration of American street wear culture and Japanese casual street fashion. Our line consists of t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, knits and denim. We feature custom outerwear in leather, cotton and down, and also feature custom wares consisting of technical fabrics including; hats, sneakers, underwear, socks and accessories.  The brand is known for it's attention to detail and unique style, incorporating bright colors and innovative patterns influenced by contemporary design and vintage style.  Our designs are divided into two lines: FISSION LINE - A combination of preppy and innovative styles. FUSION LINE - A collection of athletic and military styles.
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Since the start of business 5 years ago, we've been working hard on the development of a (secret) project and we're happy to announce the release of a new innovative garment collection. Introducing the Space Academy Supply Co. FISSION LINE! The new line will include technical 'cut and sew' garments that incorporate the fashion of both, preppy and innovative styles, and will be available in 'extremely limited' quantities.

Our FISSION LINE is inspired by the culture of the Japanese street fashion scene. Fashion in Japan is known worldwide for setting the trends of cutting edge styles. Japan's high-quality standards and immense attention to detail during the manufacturing process is also second to none.

The Space Academy Supply Co. 2019 Spring/Summer Fission Line Collection will be available on May 1, 2019 at 12am Eastern Time (midnight). Visit our blog at: for the latest news and updates on our company and our new line. Don't Sleep!